If you have ever traveled up highway 49 into the heart of Nevada County’s gold country, then you’ve likely passed the Dew Drop Inn. Nestled by the picturesque Cherry Creek, this road side tavern offers a friendly atmosphere for locals and visitors alike to enjoy drinks, billiards and live music. For those that are sensitive to the paranormal, a chance encounter with the ghosts of the Dew Drop adds an exciting appeal to this “hot spot” hangout.

Owner Lori Godfrey strives to create an atmosphere that feels comfortable and relaxed for tavern patrons.

Founded in the late 1800’s, Dew Drop was once a township on the old stage coach line. Local neighbors report hearing the unmistakable sounds of horse and carriage passing in the stillness of this quiet, knock about place.

One Dew Drop regular told us a story about someone he knew that found old abandoned saddlebags chocked full of gold pieces on the stagecoach road. Talk about a great day for the happy guy that found that!

The old Dew Drop Inn once featured a large, recreational pool, that was fed uniquely by fresh water from Spring creek. Locals and travelers gathered to enjoy a swim, and visitors stayed in cabins that once spotted the area. A friendly Dew Drop regular mentioned that Jonny Wiesmuller, also known for his role as Tarzan, trained in the pool and went on to win medals for his achievements in swimming. If you don’t know who Jonny Wiesmuller is…

…it’s this guy!

I first visited the Dew Drop about a year ago when I took my psychic apprenticeship students on a haunting field trip to check out some reported paranormal activity. My first thought when we pulled in the parking lot was in reaction to a wall on the far end of a grassy area that stretches out from the building. I mentioned that it reminded me of these creepy pool dreams that I’ve had, usually where I’m falling into water. I had no idea there was a pool there at that point!

The Dew Drop pool as it once was.

Today the swimming area is filled in and provides a great spot to play horseshoes or dance to live music in the outdoors. The creek has been re-routed and babbles next to the deck, where in my case, I recently enjoyed a nice Chardonnay in the golden autumn sunshine of a Sierra afternoon.

The building that is home to the Dew Drop today, was once the bath house for the swimming area. The original Dew Drop Inn sits just down the lane, and is now residence to Jim Drouin, who is all too familiar with the ghosts of the place. These days, he says he does his best to ignore them when they start getting pesky.

The original Dew Drop building was partially burned in a fire.

Pretty much all of the neighbors and local Dew Drop goers we interviewed, spoke of encounters with the spirits of three children that possibly drowned in the pool. I thought that might offer some validation for my creepy vibes about that area of the property.

What looks like a retaining wall in this photo was actually the wall of the pool.

My apprentice, Shirley Deaton, who is a ghost hunting enthusiast, felt really strong vibrations in this area. When we made attempts to interact with these ghost children, Shirley mentioned that she felt dizzy, and experienced impressions of having a hard time breathing. She claimed to experience visits from the older boy, who has tugged at her hair and made himself known with inappropriate boy noises.

Here you can see the ladder that once was the deep end of the famous Dew Drop Spring fed pool.

No one really seems to mind the ghostly children making themselves known from time to time. One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, said she enjoys the visits from the ghosts. She talked of the youngest spirit, who lightheartedly she named “Tag”, for tag-along. She mentioned that he likes to play with her pot belly pig, and occasionally does “kid stuff” to let her know that he’s around. Others also mentioned that the ghosts love to play with the gate, and move it around.

The building that I felt the strongest energy from, was the old brothel, inn and general store, that today is also a personal residence. It seemed like a presence of an old scowling woman looked out from the building. The locals laughed and seemed to know exactly who I was talking about. Some believe she’s an angry, bitter ghost that possibly ran the brothel at one time.

The Bar itself seems to have a really relaxed vibration, and honestly I was hoping for some ghost photos, but my recent visit seemed pretty supernaturally quiet.

Some fun events to check out if you’re in the area! 21+

On October 26th, the Dew Drop is hosting a Halloween party, a great place to celebrate with ghosts! Fun starts at 8, with live music from the Holcomb Brother’s Band. Drink specials and costume contest will add to the festivities, so zip up your gorilla suit and come check out a good time.

For more information about events at the Dew Drop visit dewdropinngv.com

(530) 268-1065

19729 Cerrito rd.

Grass Valley, CA 95949

Ghost hunter and psychic medium, Rose Marcellus can be contacted for readings, workshops and free lance writing. If you have a haunted historical space in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California you can reach Rose directly at magicrosie111@gmail.com or (530) 310-4452


Published by Hauntings in the Wild West

Rose Marcellus is a practicing psychic medium, intuitive teacher, folkloric herbalist and writer in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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  1. WOW! I used to live in one of those little houses beside the dew drop inn. Lots of terrible energy there and bad memories. One thing that I’ll never forget though was sleeping on the front porch one night and seeing a woman walk down the road. I was so scared and she walked from the inn down the road and disappeared. I’ve spent a looong ass time researching sitings and stuff in GV and finally came by this and found the old house. FREAKY!!!


  2. Great Story. I want to go there. Love the Tarzan reference. I use to watch him as a kid. Weird but cool.

    On Tue, Oct 22, 2019, 2:48 PM Hauntings in the Wild West wrote:

    > Hauntings in the Wild West posted: ” If you have ever traveled up highway > 49 into the heart of Nevada County’s gold country, then you’ve likely > passed the Dew Drop Inn. Nestled by the picturesque Cherry Creek, this road > side tavern offers a friendly atmosphere for locals and visitors alike,” >


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